The Bucketlist

  1. See a snowshoe hare
  2. Learn how to use a map and compass
  3. Bake bannock over a fire
  4. See the northern lights
  5. See the milky way
  6. Canoe the Clearwater
  7. Canoe the Athabasca from Fort McMurray to Fort Chipewyan
  8. Go winter camping
  9. See a buffalo
  10. Make a canoe paddle
  11. Go winter camping
  • This is a start
    Sometime last year when the temperatures started to drop and the leaves began shifting from green to yellow I had this idea to write a really captivating story somewhere along the line of “How I survived a global pandemic in a canoe.” I would recall moments of total ineptitude and chaos as we learned how… Continue reading This is a start